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Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board is a bridge between the College and Alumni.  It seeks to promote and foster alumni relationships with the College and current student body through sponsorship of on-campus events and regional functions.  This board serves as a key advisory group that promotes and supports the College and assists with a variety of long-term decisions impacting the BC community.  The Board is involved with campus policy and leadership, and the Board’s President sits as a voting member of the Board of Trustees. 

We are seeking dedicated alums from all generations, regions and backgrounds to serve on the Board, participate in on-campus events, and/or host regional functions.  For more information, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 828.884.8233 or email

Alumni Advisory Board Members

Sara McDorman Baker `10
Jeremy Benjamin `00
Danny H. Bost `62
Betty Kay Brookshire `66
Michael Cohen `05, Secretary
Kimberly DeWitt `97 Vice President
Christopher Ford `95
Aleece Fosnight `05
Brian Hemel `01
Gene Holland `62
Thomas Hodge `67
Julie Robbins Humble `02
Bianca Mitchell `03
Wanda Moser `45
Jenny Munro `67
Davis Whitfield-Cargile `05
Mike Whitehead, Jr. `90, President

Ex-Officio Board Members

Susan Cothern, Vice President for Philanthropic Development
Autumn Weil, Director of Alumni Affairs
David C. Joyce, President