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Brevard Alumni Mentoring Program

The Brevard Alumni Mentoring Program (or BAM!) is a student-alumni mentoring program for first-year BC students with a primary focus on personal development. The goal of this mentoring experience is to provide incoming students with a successful transition to Brevard College, a positive first-year experience, and an opportunity for experiential learning.

Be A Superhero

As a BC alum, YOU can make a difference in the life of an incoming first-year student AND play a key role in boosting retention, with just two hours of your time per month! Register today to be assigned a student sidekick for the Fall 2013 pilot program! Fall 2013, will be a pilot year for the BAM! Program. Because it is a pilot program, both student and alumni participation will be limited. Improvements to BAM! for future years will be based upon feedback from student-alumni pairs. Participants will effectively be architects of the program.

Mentor Roles

As a mentor you play several roles, including:

  • Motivator: Expresses belief and confidence in the sidekick’s abilities, and encourages the sidekick to try new things.
  • Resource: Teaches and advises the sidekick on how to make professional contacts, and introduces the student to new people, places or ideas.
  • Supporter: Encourages open and honest dialogue, and listens to and responds to the needs of the student.
  • Coach: Helps the student develop, and work to achieve realistic and meaningful goals.

Basic Expectations:

  • Make the first contact with your student and respond to all communications in a timely manner.
  • Spend at least two hours per month building the mentoring relationship.
  • Set expectations with student for how and when you will contact each other.
  • Help your student in identifying and setting goals, track progress and make changes.
  • Approach the mentoring relationship with an open mind, professionalism and respect.
  • Support your student’s personal development.
  • Maintain and model professional behavior. Define professional behavior if needed.
  • Donations of any amount to the BAM! program are appreciated, but not expected. Funds will be used to fund events for BAM! participants on campus.
  • Communicate problems with the mentoring relationship to BAM! program staff.

Aside from these basic expectations, student-alumni pairs are free to create their own experiences. For mentoring to be successful there must be a reciprocal, comfortable relationship between mentor and student. Both parties must work at the relationship to make it successful by being open-minded, respectful and keeping to the expectations they have set for the relationship. Ideally, the mentoring relationship will be mutually beneficial for both the mentor and sidekick.


Alumni signup process:

  1. Click here for the registration form
  2. Fill out and submit the registration form.
  3. After signing up, Click here to learn more.