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Disabilities Services

Brevard is proud to offer a comprehensive education to a wide range of students and learning styles, including those who face special challenges in the learning process. Our Office for Students with Special Needs and Disabilities makes sure all students have equal access to a quality education by providing the reasonable accommodations required to succeed and grow as a scholar. Here you’ll be supported as you develop confidence, discover academic strengths and weaknesses, and cultivate the tools for classroom success. Brevard’s expert staff will advocate for you personally and work with your professors to create accessible learning environments. 

Special Needs and Disabilities Resources

  • Receive individualized attention from our knowledgeable Disabilities Specialist whenever you need. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible so you can take advantage of our services early in the semester.
  • We work with students and faculty to develop individualized learning strategies and reasonable accommodations. Some examples of accommodations include:
- Extended test time
- Testing in a distraction-reduced setting
- Use of a test reader
- Use of a computer or scribe during written exams
- Use of grammar or spell check assistance
- Note-takers
- Use of adaptive computer equipment
- Books in audio format or via screen reader

**To be eligible for the office’s services and accommodations, students must provide documentation of a disability from an appropriate licensed professional. For more specific information about documentation requirements, please contact our Disability Specialist. Reasonable accommodations modify or adjust a course, program, or activity, and provide equal access to a range of services, equipment, and course alternatives. Reasonable accommodations should not fundamentally alter a course, program, or activity, and are based on a student’s documented disability. Disability Services works with students and faculty to develop appropriate strategies and accommodations to meet a student’s disability-related needs for each term.