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The Town of Brevard

A student plays the guitar.You don't have to be a cyclist or a backpacker to find a home in Brevard! This cool little town is just a few short blocks from the Brevard College campus, and is full to overflowing with one-of-a-kind arts and crafts, diverse dining experiences, seasonal festivals, and a buzzing music scene. When you're planning your campus visit, be sure to put downtown Brevard on your adventure to-do list!

Downtown Opportunities

  • Brevard and the surrounding area house all varieties of art and craft galleries. These venues feature unique, mountain-inspired pieces and are great places for Brevard students to experience art - and maybe even display their own original work!
  • Visitors and residents alike find live music here any day of the week. Places like Brevard Brewing Company and the Phoenix Lounge are famous for featuring local bands and hosting open mic nights.
  • Brevard's downtown offers all kinds of shopping, from outdoor outfitters to art to jewelry to toys. You never know what interesting items you'll find in these shops!
  • Brevard has a high concentration of excellent non-chain restaurants which feature fine cuisine, home-cooked meals, and everything in between.
  • Local business owners often develop strong relationships with Brevard College and offer discounts, lectures, internships, and jobs to our students. Brevard is a great place to expand your resume and learn hands-on about running a business.

Discover the Town of Brevard

Visit and learn what it's like to live, learn, study, and play in such an outstanding location.

*Here we list some things you might want to discover in your time at Brevard. Click on any of the links below to learn more.