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I Heart BC

I Heart BC was established by the Philanthropic Development office in 2013.  Its mission is to foster a positive mindset of appreciation, loyalty and pride towards Brevard College amongst students and parents, faculty and staff, and alumni and friends in order to increase involvement and provide a foundation for future support.  We organize events and activities that encourage fellowship, aim to create tradition, and raise awareness of the importance of giving.

#IHeartBC Day

I Heart BC Day is a day of celebration during which the BC family celebrates Brevard College by giving back time, love and support!  During I Heart BC Day, alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff and students come together and support Brevard College. 

This year’s event is scheduled for 4.13.16! Click here to see Video Teaser!  

Give your time. Help make BC beautiful by participating in our on campus Philanthropy Day on 4.13.16.

Give your love. Tell us why you love BC! Share your stories with us HERE

Give your support. Support BC students by giving to the Brevard Annual Fund which provides funding to BC student scholarships!

 Our goals this year include:

  • 125 donations of any amount from alumni, parents and friends
  • 90 student participants
  • 50 faculty and staff participants
  • 80 hours of volunteer time
  • 50 BC stories

There will be an on campus and social media celebration promoting the day. Help us support this new BC tradition!  Together we can make a difference! You can learn more information from now until the event on our Facebook sites! Follow us on Brevard College, Brevard College Alumni or BC Tornados.  

 Become a Social Ambassador for us!  We need to get the word out to BC supporters all over the world! You can help by promoting I Heart BC Day on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.  Change your profile picture (you can find the images on our Facebook site), share our posts and let all your friends know that on April 13, they can show their love for BC!

1853 Club

I Heart BC manages the annual senior gift campaign. We encourage students, especially seniors to provide a gift of $18.53 in honor of the year Brevard College was established. Students can make their donation at the annual Grad Fair or on I Heart BC Day.

Alumni-Student Engagement

       I Heart BC partners with the Brevard College Alumni Association (BCAA) to foster engagement between students and alumni

Community Engagement

        I Heart BC partners with the Board of Visitors and the Transylvania County area to foster engagement between BC and the community.  This year our Board of Visitor’s President, Dr. Mark Lemel is challenging board members to support I Heart BC Day. If their goal of 100% participation is reached Dr. Lemel will take a pie in the face on campus on I Heart BC Day.

Raise Awareness and Share Knowledge

      I Heart BC aims to raise awareness of the importance of giving back to Brevard College.

*If you’re interested in getting involved or would like more information, contact Sara Jerome at 828.884.8315 or