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A Distinctive Classroom Experience

The Brevard classroom experience is defined by experiential liberal arts programs, small class sizes, highly engaged professors, and personal academic attention. A Brevard classroom can be anywhere – in a lecture hall,  in the lab, in the community, or on the job. Our hands-on learning styles will help you connect knowledge to action in everything from Environmental Studies to Art to Biology. Small class sizes allow you to connect with professors, ask questions, and be heard. Here, you’ll never get lost in the crowd. Your classroom experience at Brevard is exactly what you make of it, and we’ll help you take advantage of this one-of-a-kind academic community.

Benefits of the Brevard Classroom Experience

*Here are a few advantages you’ll experience in Brevard classrooms. Visit your academic program of choice to learn about the experiential activities in your classes.

  • Experience small classes.

Brevard has 700 students and a professor-to-student ratio of 14:1. With an average class size of 15, someone will notice if you don’t show up! Here your accountability will increase, your voice will be heard, and your questions will be answered.

  • Develop relationships with professors.

We can’t tell you enough how awesome our faculty are – just meet some of them and you’ll understand! Brevard professors are deeply and personally invested in the education and welfare of their students. They want to see you meet your full potential and will do what it takes to help you get there.

  • Get personal academic attention.

A Brevard education means you can tailor your degree and get individual help. If you want to learn how you can combine your passion for Biology with your talent for saxophone, someone here will help you figure out how to do it. If you’re struggling in a class or want to get some extra experience for grad school, we will develop a way to address it.

  • Take advantage of an experiential liberal arts program.

Brevard wants to help you develop the ability to think critically, communicate effectively, and connect with all walks of life. A foundation in the liberal arts combined with a commitment to experiential education equips you with an absolutely unique degree and resume.

*Learn more about Brevard’s experiential liberal arts programs.

*Learn more about Brevard’s commitment to experiential education.