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Experiential Learning

At Brevard College, education is much more than learning the ‘right answers’ and doing well on a test.   Education is developing students’ ability to think, work in a group, and reflect upon and apply their learning to real world problems. Our classrooms are student centered, not teacher centered.  Our classes are problem based; we use content to tackle important issues rather than just deliver information.  In addition to learning theory, our students apply theory to real situations. We cultivate skills for individualized learning and performance, but we also develop abilities to work collaboratively in teams—just like needed in real life.

  • We create active learning experiences that make learning interesting and applicable.  We develop students’ knowledge and understanding of a subject.   We engage in focused reflection on their experience to identify learning they may apply to future endeavors.  We don’t teach students what to think, we develop students’ ability to think.
  • With this philosophy, the possibilities for learning are endless.  We learn about a subject in greater depth, with greater understanding, and with better retention.   We learn and refine specific skills.  We learn more about ourselves, our values, and how we work with others.  Ultimately, these rich learning experiences open the doors for us to contribute to our communities, translating knowledge into action.
  • Brevard College is committed to producing curious, prepared, and highly engaged graduates through intentionally designed, hands-on learning experiences. We don’t just want to tell you the right answer - we teach you how to question and discover the answers for yourself. We don’t want to just put a degree in your hands – we develop your ability and passion to make a difference in the world. We believe in the philosophy of experiential education, and it is reflected in the teaching methods we use in our classrooms.   

See what experiential education looks like in practice 

See what experiential education looks like at Brevard