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Highly Engaged Faculty

Our 11:1 student-to-professor ratio allows our faculty members to really connect with students, share their knowledge, and get invested. Don’t be surprised to have professors who prefer to be addressed by their first names! At Brevard you will develop educator-learner relationships that dissolve academic hierarchies and promote both personal and professional connections.

Brevard College Professors… 

  •  …connect knowledge to action.

Brevard professors are personally and professionally committed to experiential education. Their educational techniques help you truly learn the material, not just memorize it for a test. Our professors want you to come away from Brevard with both a degree and a resume.

  •  …want to know you personally.

Brevard College is not for anyone who wants to be anonymous. Here, faculty notice if you don’t show up to class or participate in discussions. These intense relationships dissolve hierarchies and allow both students and professors to dig deeper in to academic strengths and weaknesses.

  • …will mentor you individually.

If you are truly invested in your educational experience and commit to your program, your professors will do more than meet you in the middle. Whether you’re having trouble balancing your academic load or need help pursuing a post-grad degree, there is a professor here who will guide, support, and push you.

  • …challenge you to meet your potential.

Brevard faculty and their classes don’t just encourage you to interact – they demand it. They require students to engage in the material, projects, and class discussions, and will push you to explore and surpass your academic and personal limitations.

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