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Hiking and Backpacking

Brevard is home to an unusually high concentration of diverse, challenging, and extraordinary hiking and running trails.
 Transylvania County, which offers over 1000 miles of mountain trails, is a hiker’s paradise. These trails allow everything from an expert backpacking journey to a quick and easy afternoon hike (perfect for your post-campus tour plans!). So pick a trail and explore the rainforest in Pisgah, hike to a waterfall or two, or experience first-hand the region’s unique plant and animal life. You never know what you’ll discover in these woods!

Here are just a few of the most popular hiking and backpacking trails in close proximity to Brevard College.

Trails in DuPont

  • DuPont Trail Run
  • Dense Lake
  • Triple Falls
  • High Falls
  • Hooker Falls

Trails in Pisgah

  • Looking Glass Falls
  • Davidson River Exercise Trail
  • North Slope
  • Moore Cove Trail
  • Bennett Gap
  • AVery Creek Trail
  • Pink Beds Loop

Trails in Gorges State Park

  • Rainbow Falls
  • Foothills Trail