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Business & Organizational Leadership

Brevard’s Business and Organizational Leadership program will take you above and beyond any traditional Business degree.  Work one-on-one with experienced professors, build a strong foundation in management, accounting, and marketing theory, and apply your education to real life situations through case studies, service projects, internships, and consultation with local businesses. At Brevard you’ll learn to achieve bottom-line results while meeting your individual potential as a future business leader. Visit Brevard to see if our most popular academic program is right for you!

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Business and Organizational Leadership majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business and Organizational Leadership. Minor in Business and Organizational Leadership also available.

Experiential Opportunities
  • In Fall 2013, the Business Program was the first undergraduate program to tour the Amazon Corporation’s Spartanburg, SC facility. During their trip, the students also visited the Adidas Corporation, The Beacon Drive-in, and Arcadia Farms. Only two colleges are allowed into the facility in a year. 
  • A Business and Culture in Europe special topics class, led by Professor Mike Oliphant, went to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London during Spring Break to experience the economic and cultural factors that shape the lives of the citizens in each country.
  • Professor Eva Smith and her Adventure Tourism Research class worked with several Brevard community organizations to conduct an economic impact study of the Assault on the Carolinas bike race on local businesses.
  • Seniors in our Strategic Management and Leadership course were paired up with local business executive mentors who are helping them prepare for life after Brevard College.
  • Professor Barbara Boerner took Business and Organizational Leadership Colloquium students to Atlanta to meet with the Federal Reserve, the Director of Marketing for the Atlanta Braves, and VPs of Global Procurement and Strategic Planning for The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Annually, Professor Drew Baker’s Principles of Total Quality class does an actual process improvement project for the college. The class has worked with the Alumni Office on alumni outreach and information management processes.
Career Tracks in Business and Organizational Leadership

A Business and Organizational Leadership degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Meet some of our alumni:

  • Graduate Student in Integrated Marketing Communications
  • District Manager for Waffle House
  • Contract Analyst and MBA Student
  • Assistant General Manager - Biltmore Corporation
  • Marketing Manager - New York City
  • Financial Planner - Wells Fargo
  • Store Manager - Walgreen Company
  • Operations Manager - fishing company
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Dr. Boerner focuses on topics that relate to real life. She took my class to visit successful companies so we could meet upper level management and see how the businesses operated. We were able to have questions answered by people currently in the field and experience real-life business operations first-hand.” 

- current Brevard student                                                                                                    


Professor of Business & Organizational Leadership
Visiting Assistant Professor of Business and Organizational Leadership
Associate Professor of Information Technology and Business & Organizational Leadership
Assistant Professor of Business & Organizational Leadership
Associate Professor of Business & Organizational Leadership
Vice President of Strategic Planning and Athletics