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Business & Organizational Leadership

The Business and Organizational Leadership Program (or BORG) takes a multi-disciplinary approach designed to produce leaders in the diverse world of business. 



What you’ll experience in the BORG program:

  • You’ll become a leader in business. You’ll learn to achieve results while meeting your individual potential as a future business leader.
  • You’ll learn by doing. You’ll work one-on-one with experienced professors in small classrooms while you build a strong foundation in management, accounting, and marketing theory. You’ll learn how to apply knowledge to real life situations through case studies, service projects, internships, and consultation with local businesses. 
  • You’ll gain marketable skills. You’ll graduate from Brevard College with a degree and an experiential resume full of business plans, marketing plans, internships, and real-world projects you’ve completed.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Business and Organizational Leadership program attend graduate school, own businesses, and work in financial planning, leadership, management, marketing, and operations.


Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

You’ll earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business and Organizational Leadership. A minor in Business and Organizational Leadership is also available.



Professor of Business & Organizational Leadership
Assistant Professor of Business and Organizational Leadership
Associate Professor of Information Technology and Business & Organizational Leadership
Assistant Professor of Business & Organizational Leadership
Vice President of Strategic Planning and Athletics