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The Brevard Coaching program is designed to equip you with innovative leadership skills, advanced nutrition and training knowledge, and hands-on experience in your field. You’ll learn the ins and outs of coaching theory and technique, physiology, and kinesiology - then put it into action in the local community, in the classroom, or during an internship. When you graduate from Brevard, you’ll be prepared to achieve success on all levels of athletics.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Brevard offers a Coaching Minor. A Coaching Minor would complement many major programs at Brevard, including Health Science Studies, Teacher Licensure in Health & Physical Education, and Wilderness Leadership & Experiential Education.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Evaluate, solve, and handle ethical issues during class role play. During these hands-on classes, students are given individual roles and act out common ethical situations that would occur in the coaching profession. Under the instructor’s guidance, students learn to think critically, solve the issues ethically, and avoid legal action.
  • Interview coaches in the community to explore and evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, and realities of their profession and personal lives.
  • Split into groups with your classmates to read and discuss books like “Coaching Mental Excellence,” “The Art of War,” “Who Moved My Cheese,” and “The Smell of Pine.”
  • Learn how to effectively apply and interview for a job through interactive final exams. One final exam in the coaching Minor requires students to apply to a real job position and turn in a resume and cover letter. The instructor chooses 3 students from the class to help him evaluate the material and choose the top 3 candidates from the applicant pool. During the final exam period those top 3 candidates interview for the job in front of the class and engage in a class discussion of the interview process.
  • Work with and learn from local middle or high school coaches in the sport of your choice.
  • Take experiential classes like “Sports Nutrition & Wellness Issues,” “Applied Sport Physiology,” “Biomechanics in Exercise and Sport,” and “Teaching/Coaching Methods.
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Coach Witek has over 45 years at Brevard and is a gold mine of information. His hands-on techniques truly prepare students for the varied field of coaching. Every day he challenged me to engage myself and my peers so that we all learned collaboratively. Each class period offered new activities, challenges, and unexpected lesson that I can apply when I become a coach. Our final exam was a perfect example of Coach Witek’s experiential teaching style. We all wrote resumes and cover letters, then applied to real coaching positions we had researched. To top it all off, Coach Witek gave each of us a mock interview with questions he knows employers will ask. Thanks to that experience, I have confidence in applying to any job.”

- Brevard student