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Environmental Studies

Brevard’s surrounding mountains, forests, and parks provide countless natural and cultural laboratories for Environmental Studies students.



What you’ll experience in the Environmental Studies program:

  • Your faculty are experts in their fields. You’ll work one-on-one with your professors who are published scholars and researchers.
  • The Environment Studies classroom has no walls. You’ll have class in nearby forests. You’ll examine insect and plant life around the college’s King’s Creek in your Ecology lab. You can intern with the nearby US Forest Service, National Park Service, and State Forest Service Professionals.
  • You’ll make a positive impact on the natural world. You’ll work with and learn from nearby cutting-edge sustainable agricultural professionals and help the college and town of Brevard solve relevant environmental problems.
  • You’ll conduct research and publish your work. You can design, implement, and publish your own research for your Senior Science Project.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Environmental Science program own ecological landscape design businesses, work as ecological consultants and land conservationists, and farm using experimental sustainable agricultural practices. Graduates are also pursuing PhDs in Biology as well as PhDs in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.


Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Environmental Studies majors receive a  Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Studies. Minors in Environmental Studies, Agricultural Education, Sustainable Agriculture, and Ecology are also available.



Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Ecology
Professor of Ecology and Biology
Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Agriculture
Professor of Geology
Professor of Environmental Science, Ecology and Biology
Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Ecology