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Environmental Studies

Brevard’s surrounding mountains, forests, and parks provide countless natural and cultural laboratories for the Environmental Studies student. Our unrivaled location, passionate professors, dynamic classes, and experiential opportunities will provide you with an Environmental degree unlike any other. Schedule a visit today to explore your new laboratory!Students enjoy an outdoor classroom experience.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Environmental Studies majors receive either a  Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Studies or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Environmental Studies. Minors in Environmental Studies and Ecology are also available

Experiential Opportunities
  • Intern with the nearby US Forest Service, National Park Service, and State Forest Service Professionals
  • Catch snakes, salamanders, and bugs in and around the college’s King’s Creek in your Ecology lab.
  • Work with and learn from nearby cutting edge sustainable agriculture professionals.
  • Help the College and town of Brevard solve relevant environmental problems in your Environmental Assessment class.
  • Design, implement, and publish your own research for your Senior Science Project.
Career Tracks in Environmental Studies

An Environmental Studies degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Here’s a small sample of the positions currently held by BC Environmental Studies graduates:

  • Owner of Ecological Landscape Design Business
  • Ecological Consultant
  • PhD candidate in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
  • Land Conservancy employee
  • Farmer - experimental sustainable agriculture farm 
  • PhD candidate in Biology
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Dr. Frick-Rupert teaches by example. When she was teaching about sustainable housing, she didn’t give us just textbook examples -she demonstrated with changes she made on her own home that saved energy and increased efficiency. Her experiential teaching style really taught us about sustainable living and was different than any other way I’ve been taught. Two years have gone by since her class and I still retain and practice the information I learned from her.”    

-current Brevard student                                                                                                             


Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Ecology
Professor of Ecology and Biology
Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Professor of Geology
Professor of Environmental Science, Ecology and Biology
Faculty Emeritus
Assistant Professor of Chemisty