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Exercise Science

Student in the gym

Brevard’s Exercise Science program allows you to explore the multi-faceted dynamics of human movement through active assignments, lab, and field experience. Our devoted faculty believe in more than just degrees - they want to personally mentor you and prepare you for a meaningful career in fields like research, fitness leadership, coaching, and teaching. Visit Brevard to meet your professors and explore your options!

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Exercise Science majors receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Exercise Science, or a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Exercise Science. Students often pair their BS or BA degree with a K-12 Health and Physical Education Teacher Licensure. A Minor in Coaching is available.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Explore outstanding internship opportunities with community leaders in physical therapy, Carmichael Training System coaches, the school system, and Transylvania Regional Hospital.
  • Do your own independent and interactive research that will truly ground you in the principles of exercise science.
  • Visit the “Ethical Dilemmas Workshop” to experientially learn about real-life situations you might face in the field.
  • Get hands-on with nutritional information at “Taming the Feast,” where nutrition comes to life at the dinner table.
  • Take advantage of mock job interviews with major commercial sport equipment companies.
Career Tracks in Exercise Science

An Exercise Science degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Here’s a small sample of the positions currently held by BC Exercise Science graduates:

  • Athletic Trainer -Medical Center
  • Cycling Coach
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Doctorate Student - Physical Therapy Doctorate Program
Highly Engaged Faculty

“She has impressive experience in the field, but it’s how she teaches it to her students that really makes her shine. She’s a campus-wide favorite because of her wit, humor, and passion. Dr. Chandler is fiercely protective of her students, fights for their educational and career opportunities, and makes sure the program has the newest information in the field. Dr. Chandler is the reason I landed an incredible internship and she makes me proud to be an Exercise Science major.”

- current Brevard student


Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education
Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Physiology
Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Physiology