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Experiential Education at Brevard

We don’t want to just tell you - we want you to see for yourself how Brevard implements experiential education on an every-day basis and across all academic programs. To learn more about experiential opportunities in your specific academic program, visit your program of choice on the Academic Programs page.

What Does Experiential Learning Look Like at Brevard College?

  • The Voice of the Rivers (VOR) program offers students an opportunity to paddle and study a river from source to sea and foster a sense of stewardship and community. Voice of the Rivers expedition.    

  • Brevard College is a founding member of Reacting to the Past. In this role-playing game set in a particular historical time period, students are assigned roles which are supported by classic texts. Classes are then run by students playing these roles while instructors advise and guide students.

  • Brevard students (as early as their freshmen year) can contribute to, edit, and produce the student newspaper The Clarion and literary magazine Chiaroscuro. Students can also publish their original work or serve as editorial assistant in the Pisgah Review, a national literary journal that is edited and published by Brevard faculty and students.

  • Education and Criminal Justice students travel to Chicago through the LearnChicago program. Students see and learn about urban education, instructional strategies, classroom management, and diverse learning environments, criminology theories and the current juvenile justice system.

  • Environmental studies students work with and learn from nearby sustainable agriculture professionals and intern with the US Forest Service, National Park Service, and State Forest Service Professionals.

  • Math students use motion detectors in Calculus labs to relate position and velocity graphs and use MAPLE, MATLAB, and Geometer’s SKETCHPAD software in appropriate math classes and labs.

  • Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education Immersion Semester students plan, develop, and lead a 21 day wilderness expedition to develop their technical outdoor skills and leadership and teaching competencies.