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Gender Studies & Leadership

Brevard’s Gender Studies & Leadership Minor combines leadership training and gender scholarship to create a distinctive specialty program. Work closely with your advisor to pick a wide range of classes including history, literature, religion, and pschology of gender, as well as leadership experiences in publication, stage production, business, and more. Internships and teaching assistantships allow you to tailor your degree and even further refine your skills and knowledge in group dynamics, experiential education, and gender theory.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Brevard offers a Gender Studies & Leadership Minor. This minor pairs well with majors, including EnglishHistoryReligious Studies, and Psychology. Participants in the Institute for Women in Leadership frequently apply their IWIL seminars towards a Minor in this program.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Take engaging and hands-on courses like “Publication Production,” “Psychology of Gender,” “Not-for-Profit Management,” and “Theory and Practice of Experiential Education.”
  • Do an internship with local or national government on issues related to gender equality.
  • Work with groups of all ages to promote a greater understanding of gender diversity.
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Dr. Bringle is a world-renowned hymn writer and has had her music published in many spiritual music contexts - but she also uses her musical talent to teach mnemonic devices in my Symbolic Logic class. She sets logical rules as lyrics to common tunes, and it helped me ace the class by humming through every test.”

- current Brevard student


Associate Professor of Psychology
Professor of Religious Studies
Associate Professor of History