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Students are lectured in a small setting.Discover the past and develop your future in the Brevard History program. Here you’ll be part of exciting re-enactments, debates, and critical discussions with an engaging professor - all while learning history, law, philosophy, and religion in a passionate atmosphere. Get hands-on in Pastimes, Brevard’s history club, or visit the Brevard area’s local historical sights. Visit Brevard to learn more about our interactive History program.

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

History majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History. You can choose to pair your History degree with a 9-12 Social Studies Teacher Licensure, or pursue a Pre-Law minor. Minors in History and Social Sciences are also available. History is a common double major at Brevard.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Tailor your education to your interests and career. A recent Brevard student met and interviewed part of the Dutch Underground in WWII in his history class, then wrote a screenplay using his interview material.
  • Discover your own local internship. Recent Brevard students have interned at the Transylvania County library and as an excavator at a Brevard housing development.
  • Join Brevard’s Dr.Bauslaugh and Prof. Anne Chapin (husband and wife) at a six week excavation in Athens with the American School of Classical Studies.
  • Courses like Greenwich Village 1913 offers fun and fast-paced re-enactments. Roles for students include a labor leader, a suffragette, and a Bohemian villager who will try to win the Bohemians to their cause.
  • Produce, edit, and present your own senior research project in the form of a presentation, paper, performance, or exhibit. Double majors have created unique projects in combination with English, Math, Art History, Psychology, and Environmental Studies.
Career Tracks in History

A History degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Here’s a small sample of the positions currently held by BC History graduates:

  • High School History teacher
  • Attorney
  • Museum Curator
  • Librarian
  • Peace Corps volunteer
  • Real estate agent with a specialty in Historical properties
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Dr. Brown has a talent for igniting passion for learning among her students. It is obvious that she has a genuine interest in people, their stories, and their history. Brevard students are strongly affected by these qualities and her willingness to pose questions whose answers extend beyond the classroom.”

- current Brevard student


Professor of Ancient History & Classics
Professor of History
Associate Professor of History