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Institute for Women In Leadership

When you’re accepted into Brevard’s Institute for Women in Leadership (or IWIL), you’ll become part of a family. IWIL coordinators will support your individual goals and interests and push you to become a confident, passionate, well-rounded, and service-oriented leader. As a member of Brevard’s IWIL program, you’ll participate in special programs, exclusive classes, round-table discussions, presentations, films, meetings with community members, trips, and service projects - all while learning, growing, and even living alongside like-minded young women. Visit Brevard to meet IWIL coordinators and learn more about this special community.

Experiential Education Opportunities

  • Live and develop a community with your IWIL peers in a residence hall.
  • Enjoy a unique “three-tier” mentoring program which includes 1) being mentored by local adults, 2) being mentored by an upper-class IWIL woman, and 3) mentoring local middle school girls.
  • Develop community-oriented projects with a professor’s help. A past project involved IWIL women interviewing domestic abuse victims, then working with a theater professor to turn the transcripts into a play.

Apply to IWIL

Application deadline is May 1.