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Integrated Studies

A student smiles for the camera.With Brevard’s Integrated Studies program, you can design a degree that’s as unique as you are. Our innovative faculty love to help you combine your passions and skills - Political Science and Communications, Theatre and Business, Wilderness Leadership and Psychology - to create your custom-made career path. Schedule a visit to Brevard to discuss the exciting possibilities!

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Integrated Studies majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Integrated Studies. Students often choose to pair their Integrated Studies degree with Teacher Licensure to teach in elementary school, or pursue a special certificate program for early childhood education. Virtually any minor program can be combined with a major in Integrated Studies to round out your academic interests and increase your marketability to prospective graduate schools or employers. Some examples of these unique minors include Gender Studies and Leadership and Spanish Language and Culture.

Experiential Opportunities

Here’s how some of our students have tailored the Integrated Studies program to fit their personal and career needs:

  • Margaret researched the growing foster and homeless children population in Transylvania County and designed an experimental residential community to address their educational, emotional, and social needs in a sustainable and efficient way.
  • Chantel used her interest in political communications to intern as a “mitigation specialist,” which allowed her to work with people in the prison system to assess mitigating factors in their personal backgrounds that might reduce or revise their sentences.
  • Jana combined her interests in Psychology, mountain biking, and Wilderness Leadership to design a wilderness adventure/therapy program for women with eating disorders.
  • Lance applied his background in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education to design a model program for Student Outdoor Leadership Development.
Career Tracks in Integrated Studies

An Integrated Studies degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Here’s a small sample of the positions currently held by BC Integrated Studies graduates:

  • Local Government Employee
  • Program Developer for a Non-Profit
  • Social Work Graduate Student
  • Campus Minister
  • Public Administration Graduate Student
Highly Engaged Faculty

“The design process for creating my Integrated Studies major was always collaborative and even felt entrepreneurial at times. It enabled me to put together a personalized program of study combining political communication, psychology and counseling with minors in pre-law, and theater. Brevard’s program truly provided for the well-rounded academic experience that I was seeking.”    

- current Brevard student                                                                                                                                                


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Professor of Religious Studies
Associate Professor of Political Communications
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