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In the Brevard mathematics program, you’ll put your education into practice.
This program is designed to prepare you for career paths including teaching, graduate school, business and finance, biomathematics, and many other options. Our exceptional professors will push you to hone your analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills as you develop your knowledge, your understanding of real-world applications of mathematics, and your appreciation of the beauty of the discipline. Visit Brevard to meet your professors!


Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Mathematics majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mathematics. Students often choose to pair their Mathematics degree with a 9-12 Math Teacher Licensure. For math majors not pursuing teacher licensure, an academic minor in another field (such as Business and Organizational Leadership, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc.) is encouraged. Double Majoring with a complementary academic program is also an option. Minors in Mathematics and Physics are also available.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Use motion detectors in Calculus labs to relate position and velocity graphs.
  • Participate in investigations involving coins, cards, and M&Ms in probability and statistics.
  • Use MAPLE, MATLAB, and GEOMETER’s SKETCHPAD software to enhance learning in appropriate math classes and labs.
  • Seniors in senior seminar get to teach faculty and peers about their research.
  • Get the opportunity to study interesting topics like cosmology, combinatorics, and complex analysis.
Career Tracks in Mathematics

A Mathematics degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Meet some of our alumni:

  • Secondary Math teachers
  • Academic Counselor
  • Mathematics grad student
  • Credit Union Employee - Customer Service
  • Library Technician (double major in Mathematics and History)
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Math is everyone’s favorite subject after taking a course with Dr. Wallis. It’s obvious that he loves what he does, and his passion and excitement for the subject he teaches is infectious. For me, his approach and attitude made all the difference. Because of Dr. Wallis, I was able to be successful in a college-level math class.”  

- current Brevard student          



Professor of Physics and Mathematics
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Assistant Professor of Mathematics