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Philosophy & Religion

A student smiles for the camera.As a Brevard College religious studies student you will explore, discuss, debate, investigate, report on, and experience what makes religion and philosophy so significant. Brevard’s award-winning professors won’t just lecture - they’ll challenge you to actively understand, articulate, and analyze the material they teach. Join this fascinating field of study and actively learn about the sacred, the world, its diverse inhabitants, and yourself. Visit Brevard today to learn more!

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Philosophy & Religion majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA). A Minor in Philosophy & Religion is also avalaible.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Join other students in your class as you tell the creation and fall stories of J.R.R. Tolkien’s First and Second Ages of Middle Earth.
  • Show your understanding of medieval Christianity by writing a story about a fictitious Benedectine monk named Umberto.
  • Explore environmental theology through rolling beads from recycled paper and teaching this craft to children at a local after school program.
  • Experience studying religion and another field in a “linked learning community” such as: New Testament & Cultural Anthropology; Women in Religion & Literature; & Environmental Literature & Environmental Theology.
  • Research, produce, and present a senior project on topics ranging from the Phish and religion to the Waldensians and Women; from creating a summer camp curriculum to incorporating music into worship services at a local church; from Jesus in non-canonical sources to Christian iconography.
Career Tracks in Philosophy & Religion

A Philosophy & Religion degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Meet some of our alumni:

  • Graduate Student in Comic Studies 
  • Youth Pastor 
  • Theological Seminary Student
  • Graduate Student with emphasis in Eastern Religious Traditions
  • Admissions Counselors 
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Dr. Bringle is a world-renowned hymn writer and has had her music published in many spiritual music contexts - but she also uses her musical talent to teach mnemonic devices in my Symbolic Logic class. She sets logical rules as lyrics to common tunes, and it helped me ace the class by humming through every test.”

- current Brevard student


Professor of Religious Studies
Associate Professor of Religion and Sacred Music