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With a Brevard Pre-Law background, you’ll be prepared to accept the challenges of any graduate law program.  Brevard professors are committed to preparing you for law school and the professional world through engaged classes, one-on-one mentoring, and real-life experiences. 

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Brevard offers a Pre-Law Minor. Graduates of Brevard majoring in Criminal Justice, English, Environmental Studies, History, and Religious Studies have found a pre-law minor helpful in gaining entrance to law schools. 

Experiential Opportunities
  • Participate in annual debate tournaments on campus, or work on a local or regional political campaign.
  • Run for and serve in Brevard’s Student Government Association.
  • Explore internships with local government and law facilities.
  • Complete an internship or teaching assistantship during your junior year.
Highly Engaged Faculty

 “My experience with Brevard faculty and on-campus debates as a student had a profound influence and impact on my life and academic career. They prepared me for the rigors of law school, where research and argumentation skills are key.”

- Brevard Pre-Law graduate