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A student plays on Kings CreekBecome a part of Brevard’s Psychology program for a dynamic educational experience. Our innovative faculty members give you a strong academic foundation,  practically train you in your chosen career path, and personally cultivate you to be an active, tolerant, and equipped professional. Visit Brevard to meet one of your professors!

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Psychology majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology. Minor in Psychology is also available.

Experiential Opportunities
  • Learn about your own personality and be able to interpret other’s profiles, and to apply developmental principles in your own life.
  • Choose from interactive and exciting classes like “Abnormal Psychology,” “Theories of Personality,” and “Developmental Psychology.”
  • Experience a final full semester of an internship of your choice in the field, or contribute to the field of psychology through a research thesis.
  • Explore a variety of field-related careers early in your education, including case management and social work, institutional and non-profit research, advertising, and human resources.
  • Learn how you are affected by the presence of others and about pathology and mental disorders.
Career Tracks in Psychology

A Psychology degree from Brevard can lead to careers in a variety of fields. Here’s a small sample of the positions currently held by BC Psychology graduates:

  • Brain and Spinal Tumor Social Worker 
  • Post-Master’s grad student, Special Needs Education
  • Clinical Psychology, Schizophrenia research
  • Direct Support Case Manager 
  • Job Coach, Vocational Services
Highly Engaged Faculty

“Dan Moore knows so much in his field and has a PhD, but he’s so down to earth that he lets students call him Dan. He always went out of his way to teach, help, and encourage me, even on his own time. Balancing my leadership roles and heavy academic load was overwhelming, but with Dan’s help I was able to make manage it well and even published a scale he developed in our class. I am so appreciative of the opportunities he presented me with, and for pushing me to pursue them.”

- current Brevard student


Associate Professor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Psychology