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Spanish Language & Culture

The Brevard Spanish Language and Culture program immerses you in Spanish and teaches you to communicate in our multi-lingual world.  You will engage in the classroom and learn from our passionate and knowledgeable professors, both at Brevard and abroad. Visit Brevard today to learn more about your opportunities in the Spanish Language and Culture Program!

Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Brevard offers a Spanish Language and Culture Minor. Fluency in Spanish enhances almost any major at Brevard and is an excellent addition to any resume.

Highly Engaged Faculty

“While I was preparing for my semester abroad in Costa Rica, I was nervous about being comfortable enough with the Spanish language to ask my host family for food (among many other concerns). Senora Hoxit prepared me with a strong foundation in conversational Spanish, but she also helped me find the cheapest airfare, made sure my classes were up to expectations, and gave me great advice for international travel.”

- Brevard graduate


Associate Professor of Foreign Language