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Learn about production, acting, writing, stage design, and lighting in Brevard’s comprehensive Theatre program. 



What you’ll experience in the Theatre program:

  • You’ll learn by doing. Faculty in the Theatre program use experiential learning strategies to personalize your artistic training. You’ll perform and rehearse in our nationally-recognized Porter Center for Performing Arts, network with guest artists, and present your work at professional auditions and conferences.
  • You’ll gain marketable skills. Here, you will learn to synthesize your hands-on experiences into practical and marketable skills. Through strategic training, you will discover how to translate your academic interests and goals into internships, service projects, and even career opportunities.
  • You’ll gain teachers and mentors with the Theatre faculty. You’ll work closely with highly experienced faculty throughout your four years of study. The faculty offer extensive real-world experience in acting, directing, theatrical design, and production, and provide the flexibility and support you need to specialize and define your artistic goals.


Career Opportunities

Graduates from the Theatre program are attending graduate school, working in professional theatre productions, and writing and producing theatrical performances.


Majors, Minors, and Concentrations

Theatre majors receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theatre with the option to add Teacher Licensure. A Minor in Theatre is also available.



Theatre Technical Director
Coordinator of Theatre Major, Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor of Theater
Costume Design