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Greetings from Alumni Board President, Davis A. Whitfield-Cargile ‘05

Like most of you, one of my favorite things to do is to walk the Brevard College campus and take in the history and memories that come to life when you are on campus. One spot that brings history to life is the Historical Gate at the sidewalk on to the campus across from the Methodist Church. The memorials to Weaver College, Rutherford College, and Brevard Institute are very inspiring. As we celebrate where we are today, it is important to look back at and celebrate our past. As alumni, we are all a part of Brevard College’s history. We are also a part of its future!

On April 30, 2016, we welcomed the Class of 2016 as new members of our rank. I took in graduation for the first time as a trustee, and listened with awe to the speakers. It reaffirmed my pride in being a Brevard College graduate. Brevard College commencement services never cease to inspire me. On August 20, 2016, we welcomed the Class of 2020 to campus. Members of the Alumni Board will join scores of volunteers from the community to help new students move into their dorm rooms. We lug refrigerators, televisions, countless bags, boxes and God knows what else into the residence halls. It’s a special day and it always reaffirms my faith in the future of Brevard College.

This year there are a lot of changes underway on campus. There are new facilities (a new residence hall, a lighted turf athletic facility for soccer, lacrosse, and softball, and a new sign and entryway, to name a few), new academic programs and new faculty and staff. As we welcome these changes, we are comforted in knowing some things never change. Brevard College will always be an institution “committed to an experiential liberal arts education that encourages personal growth and inspires artistic, intellectual, and social action.” Brevard College will always produce graduates committed to our motto, “Learn in Order to Serve.” We can all be proud in that.

One of my other favorite things to do is to learn about my fellow BC alums. As the alumni board president, I want to know who you are, where you are, and what you are doing. We have so many outstanding alumni making positive contributions to society and the communities in which we live and work. I invite you to stay connected with Brevard College. If you have been disconnected or have not been engaged, ask how you can become re-engaged with Brevard College, or tell us what Brevard College can do to keep you engaged. 

Make it a goal this year to reconnect with some of your classmates, to tell Brevard College what’s new in your life, and to make a trip back to Brevard.  When you update your contact information, you enable Brevard College to keep you in the loop. This means that you can get press releases and news updates about the College. It also allows you to connect with other alumni, and other alumni to connect with you. When you share your story with Brevard College, it enables Brevard College to support you in your success and to share your success with others. When you contribute financially to Brevard College, it shows the world that you are committed to the success of Brevard College.

I take great pride in supporting Brevard College. I give back with time, service and money. I hope you will to. It is important that Brevard College knows her alumni support her. It is a privilege to serve as the Alumni Board president. I am always available to fellow Brevard College Alumni. Contact me anytime.

Davis Whitfield-Cargile ‘05
Whitfield-Cargile Law, PLLC
828-884-4529 (office)
23 S. Broad Street, Suite 206A
Brevard, NC 28712