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Residence FAQs

When can I move off-campus?

Please see our Off Campus Policy, Exemptions, and Procedures form for more complete information. Fill out an Appeal to Live Off Campus and return it to the Office of Residence Life.

Can I have a car on campus?

All residents and commuters are permitted to have vehicles on campus. At the beginning of the semester, you will register your vehicle, pay a parking fee, and receive a parking permit. Please see the Vehicle Registration & Parking Waiver form and Parking Regulations & Ticket Appeals for details and to waive parking. All vehicle registration is processed through Campus Safety.

How much is a private room?

Please see the complete list of room prices.

What size are the beds in the residence halls?

X Long Twin

Does the college provide microwaves and/or refrigerators in the rooms?

We do not provide microwaves or refrigerators, but residents can bring appliances that are in compliance with our regulations (see below). Appliances are provided in some of our residence hall common areas.

Refrigerator: Units should be limited to 4.6 cubic feet.
Microwaves: Approved wattage for microwave units is 700.

Can residents switch rooms or roommates during the semester?

Brevard provides “Friendly Move Day” to allow residences switch roommates through coordination with Resident Advisors and Campus Life. Students will be notified of Friendly Move Day in advance.

Are there charges associated with switching rooms?         

There are no additional charges for Friendly Move Day. There may be additional costs for moves outside of this day. Please contact Residence Life for more information.

What is the role of the Resident Advisor (or RA)?

Residential Advisors promote and maintain a safe and comfortable living environment for residents, act as a peer advisor, program coordinator, housing administrator, and policy enforcer, and help facilitate the development of residents. RAs make rounds, hold hall meetings, provide hall programming, and conduct health and safety inspections.

Can I get a cable box and remote?

They are available for check-out at move-in time for each semester.

How do I get a replacement key, and how much does it cost?

Please visit the Office of Housing and Residence Life (upstairs in Coltrane Commons) for a replacement key. A replacement key costs $75.

Can I bunk the beds?

Beds can be bunked with bunking pegs. Talk to your RA to get bunking pegs. 

Where is alcohol permitted on campus?

For residents who are 21 and older, alcohol is permitted in East and West Jones and the Villages. Both roommates must be 21 or older to possess, store, or consume alcohol in the room. Alcohol is not permitted in common areas, hallways, outside of the residence hall, or any other place than the residential room.

Where is smoking permitted on campus?

Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas on campus. It is otherwise prohibited.

What services does housekeeping provide in the residence halls?

Custodial staff maintains the lobby, hallway, and community bathrooms. Residents clean and maintain the common kitchen areas, private rooms, and bathrooms.

Where are trash and recycling facilities for each residence hall?

Beam: behind Myers Dining Hall
Jones: behind Jones residence hall
Green: behind Green residence hall
Villages: on the road between the North Village pavilion and Ingles Supermarket