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Helen Gift, Ph.D.

Faculty Emeritus

Ph.D., Emory University
M.A., Emory University
B.A., Emory University

Individual Publications: “Values of Selected Qualitative Methods for Research, Education and Policy” (Journal of Dental Education, 1996). “Prevalence of Incisor Trauma in Persons 6 to 50 Years of Age: United States, 1988-91” (Journal of Dental Research, 1996). “Drugs Used for Parenteral Sedation in Dental Practice” (Anesthesia Progress, 1988). “The Awareness and Assessment of Periodontal Problems Among Dentists and the Public” (International Dental Journal, 1988). “The Occupation of Dentistry: Its Relation to Illness and Death: A review of and comment on published research: (Journal of the American Dental Association, 1977). “Utilization of Auxiliaries and Attitudes of Dentist Toward the Delegation of Duties” (Journal of the American Dental Association, 1976). “Adult Socialization: Ambiguity in Adult Life Crises” (Life-Span Development Psychology: Normative Life Crises, 1975).